Light Truck Adelaide

We are all aware that trucks are used to transport cargos from one place to another – we are the specialists in light truck Adelaide. Without trucks, merchandises wouldn’t be able to reach its endpoint. The invention of trucks saved many people time and strain in life. People are in the search for that one truck shop that could provide all of their truck needs. North Isuzu is your one stop truck shop based in Adelaide that offers a variety of services, including light trucks. It started as a family business privately owned by two brothers, Charlie and Peter Emanuele who both worked in the automotive industry for over 35 years, and have worked hard to achieve what is now essentially the largest truck dealership in South Australia. With the long experience, our strong sales results reflect our dedication to professionalism, which comes along from promoting quality products and good customer service. For your inquiries regarding any of our services, you can call this number, 08-8280 9899.

Light Truck Adelaide

How we provide Our Services

We have over 25 diesel mechanics, auto electricians and air-conditioning repairers to fix your Light truck adelaide problems or any kinds of trucks. We have over 30 services bays in the repair workshop facility, complete with all the latest machinery, equipment and tools. With Adelaide Isuzu, your first service is free. No charges for consumables or oil. Your total new truck warranty can also be extended to six years. Isuzu extended warranty is available at extra cost and allows the operator to extend the 3 year warranty coverage to 4, 5 or 6 years from date of delivery. Choose us and enjoy an extensive range of service and support programs. But from the outset, we can assist you to specify the best cab-chassis for your application through our ISIS electronic truck selection system. Aside from predicting performance and cost-of-operations, we also calculate mass distribution for you to carry maximum legal payloads.

The Best Light Truck You’ll Drive Away

We only give the best to our valued clients. We make sure that you will drive the best light truck there is in Adelaide value trust and reliability. When you drive away in your Isuzu truck, you’ll have the entire Isuzu Care crew behind you. Not just our Customer Care Centre, but every single one of us. We realize that reliability means so much more to you than just a mechanically reliable truck. Isuzu Care is the most comprehensive customer care program ever seen in the Australian truck market. It offers truck buyers and owners a suite of innovative support services and a level of customer care that is setting new industry standards. Search no more, we guarantee that we have the best price on all our products and services for you to coming back. With our worry free guarantee, you can trust us when it comes to your vehicle.

Let us give you the best Truck Service

Our in-house Customer Care Centre team of specialists will ensure that owning an Isuzu is an extremely positive experience for you, call 1800-035-640 for inquiries.